About us

Loota percussion products are the brain child of Mika Lilja, a highly regarded professional drummer and designer in Finland.

‘Back in 2011 I was playing the cajon while on tour. I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous, warm sound but the slouchy playing position was incredibly uncomfortable after a while, and I also felt somewhat restricted in playing style versatility. I decided to set about designing and building an ergonomically friendly cajon set with add-on options for my own use.’

(Mika Lilja 2021)

Unknowingly and unintentionally, Mika had paved the way for something unique that would arouse curiosity and admiration from drummers all over the world. Mika started receiving requests from audience members as well as other professional musicians with almost every gig he was playing with his Loota. He received so many orders over the next few years that he decided to commercialize his Loota kit in 2015.

‘Honest feedback has been extremely important to us from the very beginning. It has allowed us to develop the Loota range over the years to be a sought-after necessity for anyone who loves to play the drums. Just as important to us is that we will never compromise on quality or morals. Our products will continue to be hand made using only the finest timber, by specialists, who have real wages that reflect their skill set. For this reason, the quality of our product will never be rivalled by copycat manufacturers.’

Our mission

Our mission is to produce high quality, good sounding, functional percussion instruments for people who enjoy playing and appreciate quality. Loota drums are hand-made percussion instruments.

Loota drums are designed to be used in all kinds of situations, for example on small venue gigs, acoustic parts of stadium concerts, home studio's etc. Also, Loota drums have been really popular in music schools. Because Loota is a lightweight and portable drum set, it is really easy to move and take with you wherever you go. We make Loota drums with a big heart. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable playing experience for anyone interested in playing drums and music.