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Loota Performer Bundle with CABLE PEDAL (Wild Cherry)

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Loota drum set is a cajon based drum set.

It is designed in Finland and It is 100 % made of Finnish birch. The Loota set consists of a bass drum, a snare drum, a cymbal and a crasher. Loota can be played with cajon brushes. The bass drum is played with a Loota pedal. Loota is a perfect drum set for quiet sets or for lighter touch on acoustic gigs.

Playing the Loota is very similar to playing a standard drum set, only the sound of the drum is quieter than with a standard drum set. Ideally Loota is suited for places where you need to play with lighter touch and in good balance with other acoustic instruments. You can pack a Loota drum set into the one bag and it is easy to carry around.


-Loota Performer set


-Rohema brushes

-10" Cymbal

-Loota cable pedal

The cable pedal wire is a consumable item and needs to be replaced from time to time. You can buy a new wire from our online store.

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