Loota is a drum set designed in Finland. It is made 100% Finnish birch and consists of a bass drum, snare drum, cymbal and a hi-hat.

Loota can be played with soft drumsticks or brushes. The bass drum is played with Loota pedal.

Loota is a perfect drum set for quite settings or for lighter touch on acoustic gigs.
Loota Music Oy
Mika Lilja
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+358 405875056

Mika Lilja
I have been playing drums professionally for over twenty years and had a chance to play in many famous Finnish bands e.g. Feud Marx Engels & Jung, Kirka, Kari Tapio, Anna Eriksson, Yölintu, Varjokuva and Mamba. In addition, I have played in musicals and given private drum lessons.

The idea of creating Loota was born in 2011, when I did a gig playing a Cajon drum. I fell in love with the stunning soft sound of a Cajon, but the playing position was unpleasant for a tall guy! For the next gig I developed a drum with softer sound which could be played quietly and in a better position ergonomically.

Product development
In the beginning Loota was only two boxes and a pedal, but I developed it further. Each version of the Loota set has been better and more sustainable than the previous one. The product development is still continuing and Loota is improving all the time.